Cookie Policies

Cookies website uses cookies for monitoring the usage of the site and improve user experiece, among other things. This way we can further develop the service to be more user-friendly. You can prevent the use of cookies in your browser, but the site may not work as intended, or at all.

The user's browser will most likely accept cookies as default, but the user may also reject the use of cookies through the browser settings. For more detailed browser specific instructions, please check the browser's guide.

Google Analytics visitor reports

The site has enabled Google Analytics visitor reports. Creating anonymous visitor statistics is solely based on the technical data between your browser and the internet connection. The statistics won't acquire any information about the visitor as a person. The demographics and subject area reporting collects personal target group information, in addition to technical statistics, such as age and gender and subject area information about interests.

The reports reveal, how many users visit the site during a certain time period, and how their behaviour varies, for example, based on their gender. The report information is collected from a DoubleClick third party cookie. If the cookie is not user specific, the target group information and subject areas can't be figured out from the statistics. The site utilises the collected target group and subject area reporting data to design and improve the service. You can prevent the use of Google Analytics with a browser extension, if you want to.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file, which is saved to a computer, when a user visits a website. The file contains a small amount of data of what the user does during the visit to the website. The server sends the information about the user's actions on the site to the user's browser. The next time a user visits the same site, the information can be directly fetched from the computer instead of the server.

Are cookies malicious?

The cookies are not malicious for the computer, files or use of the Internet. The cookies are ordinary text files, which can't contain any viruses. Furthermore, the cookies are small-sized, so your computer's memory won't be burdened even if you allowed saving them on your computer. Nor do the cookies enable seeing file content on the user's hard drive.

How can you manage cookies?

You can manage and/or delete cookies as you wish. Further information is available at You can delete all cookies already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed. However, remember, if you disable cookies, you will have to set up certain settings each time on returning to the site. You may also be prevented from using some of the services and functions on the site.